Ammo and Weapon attachments

Ammo Types

Hollowpoint: These bullets mushroom out on impact, causing catastrophic damage to soft tissues. However, this makes them less likely to penetrate armour. Armour counts as double against Hollowpoint rounds, but all damage that makes it past armour+toughness is doubled.
Extra damage from Righteous Fury, or the Accurate quality, is not doubled.
This replaces Man-Stopper and Dum Dum bullets from the book
Used with: Cased Solid Projectile weapons
Cost: 5 Thrones/10 Rounds

Armour Piercing: These bullets are pointed, and typically treated with a slippery coating or hardened tip, allowing them to punch through armour with ease. Cased weapons and Autopistols get +2 to their AP, while Autorifles get +3
Used with: Any SP weapons
Cost 5 Thrones/10 Rounds

Weapon Attachments

Rails: Civilian grade weapons will likely have no rails, though some may have one. Military grade weapons often have two, and sometimes four. Most weapon attachments attach to rails, though some are hard modifications to the weapons themselves.

Reflex Sight: Reflex sights use holographics or projected dots to utilise the eyes natural ability to superimpose the sights onto the users field of vision. Someone using a reflex sight gets an extra +10 to their Aim actions

Laser: Lasers project a small red dot onto the target, making it easy to hit them, however, it can only work in low light, and gives away the users position. Someone using a laser gets a +10 to attack rolls indoors or under low light. This bonus does not add to the Aim action.

Ammo and Weapon attachments

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