Stub SMG, Juden Pattern

Picked up from the enforcer in the Coscarla Hostel

weapon (ranged)

Stub SMG, Juden Pattern

Stub SMG Pistol 30m S/3/10 1d10+2 0 30 Full 115 Average

A popular SMG due to it’s ease of manufacture, cost, and ability to be comfortably fired with one hand. This gun is popular amongst lower hive enforcers, and high up gang members. The small caliber leaves something to be desired though…

This one has the following mods attached.

Folding Stock: This attachment swings out, and changes the weapon from Pistol to Basic, requiring two hands, and granting full bonuses to auto fire.

Flashlight: This underbarrel flashlght is small, illuminating 6 meters ahead, in a narrow beam.


Stub SMG, Juden Pattern

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