Riot Shield

Riot Shields


Riot Shield, Testudo pattern

Riot Shields provide 6 points of Primitive armour to the arm holding it, the body, and one other location, as well as +20 to parry. Riot Shields are too unwieldy to attack with.

Due to the large size of the riot shield, they are made of lighter materials that can not stand up well to ballistics. However, many of them are clear, or have other useful features. As well, due to the large size, a Riot Shield can not be mounted to the back, it must be carried or dropped.

Riot Shields can be used as cover, in which case the shield is treated as having 6 AP (primitive), and will take damage as an object.

A character can use the dodge action with a +10 to take cover using a riot shield

A Riot Shield is typically ~50 thrones for a basic wood one, or ~75 for a more modern type.


Riot Shield

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